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Ms.Mamatha Esteves

DBV has been in the field of employment training for a long time. They have been placing students and making them productive citizens of the country. They have evolved into a profession. and results oriented organization. Their outreach programs are very effective and the brand value that DBV has is immense. It has been just over a year since TMF has associated with DBV and it's an immense pleasure working with them. TMF is proud to partner with DBV .

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Ms.Jesintha Marry

D.Jesintha Mary is a 21 year old from a family of 3 living at Ennore in chennai. Her mother ,Mrs Agnes,is her driving force.Though Jessy is the eldest in her family she was well cared for and disciplined.Jesintha completed her B.A English in Trichy.After her studies she somehow manged to run the home. As destiny would have it,she joined DBV-TECH MAHINDRA SMART CENTRE at Ennore.She completed her Tally Course at SMART Centre At Ennore.Through them she got a very good Entry level job as Entry Level Associate in TCS Velachery with a lucrative salary.She and her family are now living a better life and are so proud of  Jesintha.

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Mr.SelvaSivalingam a candidate of our DBV TECH MAHINDRA SMART centre, Broadway is the eldest among his three brothers. He took the Hospitality course in our SMART Centre and got placed at Royal Entield. Now his family is financially secured .

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A.C.Sudarsana is a 22 year old girl, from a humble family. But she had a Dream' to be successful. She pursued her dream with passion, grit and determination and her dream came true through DBV- TECH MAHINDRA  SMART CENTRE. she completed her CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP AND SALES Course. She now has a job as a Tele-caller at IDEA. She did not stop with this.... she went on to raise her family and still contributes to her two brothers' education. She is truly inspiring and is a role model to others in terms of simple sharing and caring.

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Arun is one of. the Youth from Don Bosco Youth Animation Centre, Ennore. He completed his schooling in. Ennore Government Higher Secondary and went on further to complete his. Graduation in B.Sc Chemistry in Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai. But career wise he was very concerned as he felt that he was not good in Communication and Personality Development. This created a block for him to succeed further. He heard about "The DBV - Tech Mahindra SMART Centre" in April this year and took Customer Relationship and Sales Course. From the inputs he received during the training, he felt that Communication and Personality Development was not what he thought it was!! He totally changed his outlook and enjoyed the learning at the SMART Centre.The Course changed him a lot in all the aspects (Work Place Readiness, Spoken English, and Discipline,etc) and he got a job in TATA Consultancy Services BPO one of the leading MNC in India with a very good salary. He gave a wonderful speech on the Farewell Day on 16th Jul 2014 about the transformation of his life after the SMART training. He thanked all the people who showed the way to achieve this great success.