Career Guidance

Career Guidance programs are undertaken to help students of STDs X & XII to choose a field of study that is in tune with their innate aptitude and skill inculcating their career choice and job expectations. With the right career guidance provided by our expert counsellors, most of the students ultimately choose the right career path that matches their personality and skills set. This career guidance programme makes them perform to the best of their potential, ultimately helping them succeed in their professional life.


The Bosco Employability Skills Training Programme is designed to help the marginalized youth mostly 1st generation graduates hailing from downtrodden family backgrounds to achieve a career in mainstream society. We do this by focusing on all round development by making them job ready through 3 streams of development: Personal Skills, Social Skills & Employability Skills. The culmination of this initiative is providing them with an opportunity to attend interviews through job fairs conducted by us at the end of the training course.